The faux-factor: how to decorate the right way with hardwood-inspired tile

Wood has it’s plusses: it’s charming, it gives rooms a warm, inviting feel, and it meshes with practically any style of interior design you might like, from classic to contemporary. But wood has its downfalls too. It can be easy to damage, it wears more quickly than tile, and it requires more regular upkeep. That’s why flooring manufacturer’s developed wood-like or hardwood-inspired tile. You get all of the design benefits of wood, but with the durability and easy maintenance of tile. If you’re considering renovating your floors, consider whether hardwood-inspired tile might be right for you.

Hardwood floors are susceptible to damage, like this one that needs to be replaced.

Avoid the problems and pitfalls of hardwood flooring

Wood tile is made to look exactly like wood without all the associated problems from hardwood floors like the expense and care of the floor. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but the costs and problems can make it impossible for some homeowners to install hardwood throughout the home.

You won’t need any special wood cleaners with wood-like ceramic tile floors.

Durability and performance

Hardwood flooring can be extremely difficult to clean and maintain properly. Every few years, hardwood floor has to be refinished and stained to keep it looking like it did when first installed. It can crack, chip and stain quite easily. Many families are constantly worried about the floors being scratched or scuffed while their children or dogs are running around the home. The floor can’t be washed with soap and water. You have to treat hardwood carefully, or it could be completely ruined.

With wood tile flooring, you don’t have to be concerned about cracking, warping or staining. You can wash the floor with soap and water if you want. If something is spilled on the wood floor tile, it can be cleaned easily without staining the floor. You don’t have to buy special cleaning products. If something extremely heavy drops on the tile, it might crack, but that one tile can be easily replaced.

There are far more options, including square tiles, when using wood-like tile.

Styles for every home

The beauty of wood tile flooring is that there are an incredible selection of styles and colors for your home. Price will not influence the type of wood that you choose or the color of the wood to match the rest of your home. If you’d like to add a more creative flair to the home, you could pick two styles of floor and create a beautiful pattern, which will make your home unique. Friends and family will be talking about your flooring every time they enter the space.

Tigerwood is luxurious, beautiful, and expensive. Save money by installing tigerwood-like ceramic tile instead.

Rare wood selection

When choosing a real hardwood floor, your budget would limit your wood selection. Beautiful, expensive, rare woods would be out of the question, but with wood look tile, you can choose any type of wood style that you want. The pattern, style and color are uniquely your own. You could find a wood look tile based on black and white ebony flooring, which is incredibly rare. You might choose Tigerwood for its stunning design, or Koa because it’s a beautiful deep red with stripes. The rarity of the wood will not make a difference in the price of a wood look floor.

Natural hardwood absorbs moisture, making it less suited for kitchens and bathrooms. Get the look of wood with the water resistance of tile with wood-like ceramic tile floors.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Hardwood flooring should not be installed in the bathroom because the constant water and steam will warp the floor over time. In the kitchen, it can be tough to care for the floor around the dishwasher and sink. Homeowners with hardwoods in the kitchen are constantly worried about water landing on the floor. With wood look tile, you can install any kind of floor that you want in the kitchen and bathroom. You could use the wood tile to create a rustic and unique shower experience too.

Before deciding on a hardwood floor, consider the many options you’ll have with wood look tile flooring. Contact Flooring Masters to talk about your next project.

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